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My name is David Baatzsch and I'm a multi-skilled creator based in Brussels.


I began my artistic journey with music, learning many instruments throughout the years, including drums, bass, guitar and keyboard. By experimenting through different styles, mainly between Rock and electronic music, I was able to start mixing and producing original music.


My appeal for visual arts led me to pursue technical studies, starting with 2 years of computer graphics in Wallonia, then to Brussels for a BAC3 in Graphic Design at ESA Saint-Luc. Those studies taught me to become a designer-creator, capable of analyzing situations and developing visual and graphic communication via multiple media (photography, website and multimedia, three-dimensional media, computer graphics, etc.).

Since then, I have forged experience in camerawork and audiovisual post-production by working with many partners, creative associations and for clients.

Above all, it is a job of passion, and I'm constantly working to professionalize my services by looking for new opportunities to use all of my abilities through a multitude of diverse and varied projects, ranging from the artistic world (music studio/stage , visual artists, etc.) to corporate (promotional formats, interviews, etc.) and private (weddings, portraits, etc.).

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